Colour Design

“Just as a good band with a lively beat can cause us to tap our feet uncontrollably and the first taste of a fantastic meal can make us glow with pleasure, colour affects us on a visceral level. It moves directly from the eye to the gut, with lightning speed.”

Susan Sargent

Have you ever noticed how your mood is transformed when the sky is blue after a series of dull grey days? The same thing happens when you transform your walls from a colour you never liked— or never noticed— to the perfect shade. With the right colour choices, you will fall in love with your rooms again!

Depending on the colour, you may feel energized or relaxed, but either way you’ll definitely feel inspired by a colour transformation.

With the expert help of Creative & Co thousands of possibilities are expertly narrowed down to a small group of colours and the client is able to quickly make a final and stress-free choice.

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